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The story so far

Established in 2020, Juniper and Spice was created by my love for design, individuality and vibrancy!

At the same time my son was born and I wanted to create the best work life/family balance that I could whilst doing both jobs that I adore every single day.

With a background in design, I have a passion for all things colourful, unique and that can tell a story about their origin, their past and where they have been. A hidden treasure…….uncovered.

Travel has definitely fed my enthusiasm for exotic smells, colours, objects and textures.

Silk in particular, as it is so luxurious and glorious in its own right piqued my interest and after extensive research I found myself a lovely Indian woman who was able to supply me with responsibly and ethically sourced vintage silk sarees.

I adore working with this beautiful material and I recycle and repurpose it into decadent and luminous lampshades that are a graceful addition to any room. Continually I am searching for other ways to use the smaller pieces of my left over silks as the whole fabric truly deserves to be utilised and loved.

As I receive new vintage silks I update my collections and products so please keep in touch if you are looking for that special addition to your own home or a one-off gift that has its own story to tell.

Thank you.

Lauren x